I am a 21 years old, full time electrician and mother to a beautiful Daughter and just love to create. I want to be able to offer all these great products to you,

I grew up in a small community in Western NSW, I have always had a goal to do cake decorating and create my imagination, I have taught myself to do everything I know for my little hobby.

Ever since I was little I have dreamed of being a cake decorator. After creating many cakes and drawing everything on them, I decided to get my own set up to be able to do it with photos, teams, cartoons and much more. So that's where I began my journey.

I hope you can find the same joys as I have found by creating something special for your family with just three simple steps of
- choosing your layout - what you want to say - most of all making it your own -
I am here to help you create your imagination with love, and all things special to you